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Biomass Packaging Store website  minkin web site spacer Master distributor of nature-based products for the foodservice industry

In 2004, Excellent Packaging & Supply (EPS) introduced a catalog of sustainable, nature-based products called Biomass Packaging. Their website consisted of a single, cluttered landing page containing PDF links to Excel spreadsheet pages.

Demand for their products grew, diminished, then started to come back. Ready to position themselves for the uptick, they recruited Minkin Design & Marketing to plan, direct, manage and implement all new marketing and brand strategies for their wholesale and distributor sales channels. In addition, they wanted to tap a new market — internet retail customers.

Positioning Biomass Packaging both as a division of their reputable parent company and a freestanding entity in the green products sector, key messaging focused on their company as the industry’s go-to authority and comprehensive resource for cutting-edge compostable, biodegradable and recyclable products.

We designed and developed two expansive CMS websites — one for wholesale/distributor customers, the other an online retail store for consumers — that feature:

  • Easy navigation, logical and organized heirarchy of offerings
  • Home page slide shows highlighting new offerings
  • Detailed descriptions of over 450 products
  • Information about all the brands they stock
  • Articles about sustainability, bioplastics and other subjects related to the products — their use, disposal and impact on the environment
  • Effective, ongoing SEO and analytics efforts that place them at or near the top of nearly every organic search
  • A Facebook page link that updates customers on the latest sustainable products and trends
  • A content managed platform that we trained them to use so they could update and add to the websites on their own.
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Biomass Packaging website
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