Newspaper and Transit Ad Campaign

Minkin Design was hired by the Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP) to create and develop a newspaper and transit ad campaign that would appeal to current and prospective members, both Chinese and non-Chinese. Key messaging focused on how CCHP:

  • Is vested in the community it serves
  • Is expanding while maintaining its connection to the San Francisco Chinese community
  • Affordably delivers services with a personal touch
  • Partners with members in valuing their well-being and wellness

We developed several visual themes, headlines and taglines, including “Real People, Real Satisfaction” and “Premier Service, Low Premiums”. They chose our theme of “Prosperity, Health, Happiness” — which we also represented in Chinese characters  — as echoing CCHP values and those of their community.

They also appreciated the soft, appealing imagery of real families and real people of San Francisco that represented their target member enrollment, and that we prominently featured calls to action, including CCHP’s toll-free phone number and website address.