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This property management company needed a major upgrade of their online presence. Their goals were to attract new renters as well as real estate investors needing help managing their multi-unit properties.

Located in a major college town, HSI wanted a professional looking, informational website that would especially appeal to University parents paying their students’ rents. Many of these families are from out of the area, and HSI knows that it is important and reassuring to parents to see where their kids will be living. In addition, a great looking site would validate HSI’s business expertise in managing large properties for owner/investor clients.

We enhanced the website with expanded renter information and in-depth information about property management capabilities, as well as:

  • A home page slide show featuring important benefits
  • Prominent and repeated calls to action
  • Large apartment photos and floor plans with measurements
  • Online forms and applications
  • A resident services link with useful local links
  • Large, clear navigational links that take visitors to exactly the information they want
  • A color scheme reminiscent of Colorado State University and imagery that evokes the great outdoor lifestyle of the surrounding environs.
New Website http://www.rentnco.com/index.html
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