Employee Benefits Open Enrollment Campaign
A San Francisco benefits consulting company hired Minkin Design to develop an extensive Open Enrollment campaign for nearly 80,000 employees of their client, Netflix. The project presented some challenges:

  • How to speak to and distinctively communicate very similar information to three different groups — management, non-management and new employees
  • Come up with a creative campaign to engage and inform all employees that a substantial change was coming in the administration of their benefits (outsourced to in-house) that needed their attention
  • Develop, coordinate and distribute all of the different communications pieces on schedule to more than 45 locations around the country.

The campaign consisted of a series of newsletters and plan comparison charts to the different audiences, a break room poster for office buildings and distribution plants, an Open Enrollment Overview brochure, a 24-page Benefits Summary Guide with tear-out reminder card, a forms folder, and an outer capacity folder to hold everything.

Working closely within Netflix brand guidelines, we came up with a “Cast and Crew” theme for the entire campaign, and a fun “Coming Attractions” theme for the poster, which contained important dates for management information meetings and enrollment.

Minkin Design met all of the challenges, and over a 4-month period created, managed and delivered all of the materials on time and within budget. Open Enrollment for Netflix that year was a big success with nearly full participation.