Parton Sell Rhoades

Parton Sell Rhoads new website  Web Site spacer San Francisco Bay Area Law Firm

Before Minkin Design & Marketing got their hands on it, this client’s website looked homegrown and not at all professional. It was a far cry from the image these attorneys wished to project, and certainly unworthy of their extensive legal experience and litigation success.

For the redesign, we not only brought their look up to date, we also gave them new, user-friendly navigation and significantly reorganized and repackaged information. We added case studies for each practice area so that potential clients can have a better idea of these attorneys’ specific legal capabilities and accomplishments. Additionally, we:

  • Edited existing content and redistributed it into new sections
  • Added a news box and blog link to the home page
  • Included fresh new imagery that relates to their location and different practice areas
  • Took brand new, professional photos of the entire team
  • Incorporated effective SEO to come up in regional searches.
New Website
Parton Sell Rhoads old website
Old Website