Scanlon Aviation

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Flight instructor Patrick Scanlon was starting a new air charter business out of Marin County Airport and needed a website to help launch his business. He wanted a scaleable website that could start small for his immediate needs, and later expand to include other new businesses he was in the process of developing.

Minkin Design & Marketing first created a portal page to serve as an entrance to his separate, stand-alone business websites. Each of those sites would have their own URL but also be accessible through the portal.

Patrick’s air charter business grew quickly enough for him to soon open his other two businesses — flight training and aircraft maintenance services — which we then added to the portal page.

We designed each of the business websites so that they would look related — utilizing clean design and  offering detailed information. Linked to each other, they all feature strong, effective SEO content, which helps to bring Scanlon Aviation to the top of nearly every organic online search.

Website Portal/Landing Page
 Scanlon Aviation - Charter website
Air Charter Website
 Scanlon Aviation - Flight Training website
Flight Training Website