Sutter Health Urgent Care

  Urgent Care Ad Campaign

Sutter Health’s North Bay Region wanted to raise public awareness of their Terra Linda Urgent Care facility, which is high up on a hill and provides a fleeting glimpse as county residents cruise down the freeway.

Minkin Design was hired to create an ad campaign for newspaper, web and transit that would promote the clinic as the best place to go for non-emergency care. Sutter Health’s goal was to divert patients away from the emergency room and direct them to the right place for what ailed them, saving them wait time and the high expense of emergency room care.

Part of the campaign involved educating the public as to what would constitute an urgent care visit versus an emergency room visit. We developed a series of ads built around the theme “It’s not an emergency, but it’s urgent” and showed different, typical scenarios that the local population could relate to, such as the doctor’s office being closed (it’s the weekend) or a treatable sports injury.

The ads were written and designed to be succinct, to the point, and eye-catching, whether seen in print, on the back of a bus or on a web page. The campaign has helped drive business to Terra Linda Urgent Care with increased numbers of visits.